2-Call Intensive

Are you looking to SKY-ROCKET your business but the thought of hiring a mentor seems overwhelming – booking weekly calls, scheduling out time for “homework”, waiting on feedback while your momentum drains?

I’ve got just the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

My Two Call Intensive is specifically geared towards those who got off to a great start but now feel STUCK. Who feel trapped between mediocrity and top of the class, certain they’re going to get there but aren’t sure exactly why they haven’t yet.

No more peaks of hyper activity followed by a CRASH as you find yourself sick or burnt out.

No more feeling frustrated because you KNOW you can do better than this.

No more settling for “GOOD ENOUGH”!

Set aside 90 MINUTES and let’s map out a plan to take you from STUCK to SOARING.

Put your knowledge into action and together, in just TWO CALLS, we can develop a strategic plan that leads to consistent growth in productivity, client numbers, and your bank account.

Without time, there is no money. Don’t lose out on both as you continue to tread water in your business.

Allow me to share my time management expertise so we can bust through your frustrations and get you to seeing MONEY-MAKING results fast!



I had the pleasure of having a strategy session with Amber and I absolutely loved it! Amber took a look at my blog and was able to quickly identify what my next steps should be. Very wonderful consultant to work with and I highly recommend working with her. – Alex Roshchuk (www.mrandmrsdwelling.com)




Within this program, you’ll get:

  • An Online Presence Audit
  • Two 90-minute calls to be scheduled 7-10 days apart
  • A personalized action plan that you will implement between calls
  • Unlimited e-mail access to me between calls and for two weeks following the last call (with a guaranteed response within 24 hours)


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By the end of our time together, you will have:

  • An extraordinarily detailed plan to take your business from frustrating to fulfilling.
  • The mindset needed to remain in a place of productivity from passion and not stress.
  • Content strategies in place to never again feel the need to “brainstorm on demand.”
  • A renewed faith in your ability to balance work and play.
  • The know-how to implement a new schedule once your current goals are reached.



What was so helpful with Amber was delving in from a broader perspective and figuring out what my focus should be short and long term. I really appreciate her insights, knowledge, and support, and I know that I can turn to her again when needed. She is very solutions and problem-solving oriented which I am, too; so speaking the same language helped immensely! – Lucy Seligman (www.leaveittolucy.net)