Clever Ways to Use Mason Jars

Great tips on reusing mason jars, ideas on what to use mason jars for

I love to collect glass jars, specifically mason jars. Now I know I’ve written on why you should declutter to save money, but there are just so many amazing ways to use these jars!

  1. Build a window sill herb garden. Fresh herbs when you need them means saving time and money!Kemangi
  2. Set yourself up for a healthy start each day by making oatmeal jars. I love how easy these are to modify and change up any time I find myself getting bored, there’s hundreds of recipes to be found online and it’s easy to figure out just how to make them to best suit you. My favorite recipe is to sauté bananas in some coconut oil and brown sugar then fill a pint-size mason jar halfway with oatmeal, top with the bananas, add in some walnuts, and fill the jar with almond milk. Give it a good shake and let it set overnight. You can make five at a time to ensure breakfast is ready every day of the week.
  3. Have left over coffee from this morning? Pour some into an ice cube tray to freeze and the rest into a mason jar. In the morning, add the coffee cubes to the mason jar, pour in some heavy whipping cream, and you’ve got iced coffee ready to go! Yum!8336783582_6cde620303
  4. Did you forget to buy something for the gift exchange at work? Grab a mason jar, toss in some hot cocoa mix and marshmallows, tie a ribbon around it and voila! A cute and easy gift that anyone will love.
  5. Learn to can! Take advantage of the cheap summer produce and stock up to ensure you have access to healthy options all year round.jam-428094_640
  6. Use them to store your homemade beauty products. I love to use apple cider vinegar as a facial toner and coconut oil as a moisturizer so I keep both stored in jars in my bathroom.
  7. Buy in bulk and use mason jars to store things like loose leaf tea, grains, sugar, etc. Bonus: glass jars are mouse-proof!muesli-750365_960_720
  8. Make your own household cleaning products and keep them in mason jars. Just like any cleaning products, though, make sure you label them properly and keep them out of reach of the children.
  9. Spruce up your office space by using mason jars to help keep things organized. From holding pens to store paper clips, mason jars can go a long way in helping your work area stay decluttered.2072104077_fd4318982f_b
  10. Skip Starbucks and make your own cold brew coffee. Toss 1/3rd of a cup of coarse coffee grounds into a jar filled with 2.5 cups of water. Sit in the fridge for 8-24 hours (depending on how strong you want it) then strain with either a cheese cloth or a tea infuser and coffee filter.
  11. Keep your crafting and art supplies organized with mason jars. They also make for great containers for DIY finger paints for the kids!
  12. Add salads to your lunch for the week. You can make five ahead of time so you’re set for the week, just make sure you put the dressing at the bottom and the greens at the top (add your usual mix-ins, like sesame seeds or cheese, in between).13340097093_917e6b8753_o
  13. Don’t break your son’s heart by tossing out those dandelions he picked especially for you! Grab a mason jar and display them proudly.
  14. Help lessen the use of plastics by using mason jars instead of plastic Tupperware to store and tote leftovers.
  15. Make an amazing, somewhat healthier-than-normal root beer float by filling the bottom of the pint-sized mason jar with heavy whipping cream. Cover and shake for 30 seconds then slowly add your root beer.11224531_10153135277354296_6301528759968648672_n
  16. Make your own candles! These work great as presents or for your own use.
  17. You can make your own hanging lanterns with just some wire, your mason jars, and some battery-operated tea lights.
  18. Use mason jars instead of disposable cups at your next summer party. Not only is this better for the environment, but you can use a cupcake liner to keep bugs out of your drink. Simply use the jar’s outer lid to secure the cupcake liner and then poke a straw through.
  19. Use smaller glass jars to store your spices. You can even add magnets to the tops to keep them on the side of your fridge and take back some of your much-needed cabinet space.
  20. Create a time capsule with your kids! Have them gather up a few things representative of this time period and seal them in a mason jar. Decide on when you’ll open it back up and then pick a spot in the backyard to bury it.
  21. Have some fun with the kids and make your own butter. Just add some heavy whipping cream to a glass jar and shake! Shake for a couple minutes and you’ll have whipping cream, keep going for butter.
  22. Use them to celebrate the holiday season by making snow globes with your children.10086867494_98454c884c_b
  23. Get a little fancy at your next dinner party by serving individual desserts in some of the smaller jars. You can bake cakes directly inside them or fill with ice cream, set out bowls of toppings, and have a DIY sundae bar.13993544967_caafcbd4a0_o
  24. Pick up a poultry feeder base, fill a mason jar with bird seed, attach some wire, and you’ve got a great little bird feeder!

You can find mason jars in bulk online, but I recommend looking around the next time you go garage-sailing or do an ISO (I Seek Out) post in a local resale group. I guarantee you can find some amazing glass jars for an even more amazing price.

Do you use mason jars? What’s your favorite way to make use of them?

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