Save Money with Honey!


I’m normally loyal to Firefox but Chrome may have just won me over. I do 75% of my shopping online and I’m always on the lookout for coupon codes. But did you know there’s an extension you can add to Chrome that will do the hunting for you?

It’s called Honey and it will find the coupon codes and sales for you. Yes, please!

When you go to the online retailer’s site, you’ll notice Honey notifies you as to possible coupon deals – a nice feature if you’re only looking to buy what’s on sale.


Once you’ve shopped, you then click and let Honey do its thing!


After that, you’re set! It’ll find the best code for you to use and apply it.


*Please note I wasn’t actually purchasing $100+ boots or $80 dress pants. I’m all about treatin’ yo self but no…never.

Do you use Chrome? What other extensions would you recommend I check out?

PS – Don’t forget to go through Ebates to maximize those deals!


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  • Skipah’s Realm Reply

    I’ve been using Honey for a few weeks now. It is a MUST if you do any kind of online shopping. While I hate how intrusive Chrome is, I don’t think I could live with out it!

    • thriftyguardian Reply

      Yesss! I never use Chrome unless I need to shop online and use Honey haha

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