What if you could review software you use at work every day and receive a $10 Starbucks gift card? A for REAL gift card, not “entered into a drawing” nonsense?

Well, you can! We were contacted by both Capterra and G2, two companies that let the real experts – namely you and I, who actually use products everyday – review various software programs. They use this information to give credible advice on what software to use, and in return, they’ll pay you in an electronic Starbucks gift card.

Review Software, Get Paid

Capterra and G2 will both pay you to review software that you're already using every day. Review companies like MailChimp and make money!
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Capterra Review

So Capterra is pretty easy to navigate but essentially it is a company that helps entrepreneurs, businesses, and colleges determine the right software for their needs. They do this by compiling their own data and that of thousands of real-life reviewers who are experts in said software.

The reason you care is because you can write reviews for them for which they will compensate you to the tune of a $5 gift card to Starbucks, Amazon, or a general Visa gift card. There’s also an option to donate as well, if you’re feeling altruistic this holiday season.

They also seem to randomly increase the compensation to $10, but I cannot find a rhyme or reason behind it, so I can’t speak to how regular this is. In addition, you can max out at 10 reviews, but hey, that’s a lot of coffee.

I highly recommend you sign up today!

G2 Review

G2 is more IT and HR oriented, so it’s conceivable that not everything you’ve got experience with will be something they need a review on, but it’s absolutely worth your time to check. Though you can only write 5 total reviews for G2, if they’re for under-reviewed software or something that is particularly important, they’ll pay you $10 for each one.

Like Capterra, G2 pays out in electronic gift cards to Amazon or Starbucks. It’s a nice way to get that coffee fix while you gear up for Black Friday shopping or sitting at home in your pajamas for Cyber Monday (which really depends on your personality, doesn’t it?)

The other benefit to G2 over Capterra is the turnaround on payout; G2 gets you your card in at most 48 hours. Capterra goes in and reviews and considers each assessment posted, so they can take a week. I’ve never not gotten a payout, though, so it’s worth the wait.

Check out G2 and get to reviewing!

Out of curiosity, what’s your favorite software? Comment below and let me know!


  • Fly Away Godddess Reply

    I was wondering if you can help me. I went through the sites and it just seems there aren’t obligated to do anything. Explain for me please( all the wanted was my linked in info) thank

    • thriftyguardian Reply

      Capterra doesn’t often advertise that they pay, but I promise they do. Heh I’m actually finishing up my 10th review now and I’ve made $105!

      • Fly Away Godddess Reply

        So just go sign up and write a review! Have you used the products ?

  • Vox Reply

    This sounds like a great gig! Of course, like the previous commentor, I am curious about how credible it is…. Thanks for sharing.

    • thriftyguardian Reply

      I actually just got my payment from Capterra ($70!) I shared a screenshot of that in the post. So I can vouch they are in fact credible. 🙂

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