The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit (GBT) is something you can’t help but run across right now – whether you’re a professional blogger, other online entrepreneur, or do it only for the fun of it, the GBT is everywhere.

Now the question stands: is it because A) it really is that awesome or is it B) because everyone and their mom (myself included) are affiliates for them?

Answer: Mostly A, maybe a bit of B…BUT I say that with the disclaimer that honestly everyone plugs GBT because it REALLY is that awesome!

What is the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is this amazing bundle of e-courses, books, trainings, and more, all neatly wrapped up and sold to you at a WILDLY discounted rate. Now if you know anything about my 1:1 programs, you know that I don’t automatically equate low price with low quality, but c’mon now — nearly $6,000 worth of products for less than $100? How can that be??

Well if you’ve read my post on Ultimate Bundles before, you know that they’re able to sell these bundles at a low cost for a variety of reasons, namely that they’re VERY limited in the times that they sell them and also because of people (like me) who contribute their products in exchange for a higher affiliate commission fee. It’s a genius business model if you ask me.

My First Experience with the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

I first bought the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit last year, before I was an affiliate or even knew much about Ultimate Bundles! Along those lines, I do want to mention again that I am an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles and therefore links within may earn me commission at no additional cost to you.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to my first experience with GBT —

I knew within moments of landing on that sales page that I was going to make the $97 investment because I immediately recognized SO many big names with courses I’d been dying to check out, but ya know…money and all. And guess what? Not only are there dozens of “big names” back again this year, but the bundle is nearly TWICE as big (and still only $97!!)

Will I Use Everything in The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

The toolkit contains such a huge assortment of blogging related topics, from marketing your blog to avoiding burnout, and so much more. It can be pretty overwhelming at first, but believe me when I say it is incredibly fun to dive into. Now does that mean you’ll use each and every resource within the bundle? No, probably not. But that’s expected, right?

The idea isn’t that now you have 89 resources on your to-do list to work through. Rather, it’s that you have access to all the ones that make sense for you and your blog’s needs as you need them, but at a fantastic price. Some of these will be perfect for you immediately and others you might not come back to for a little while. But when you’re ready for them, you’ll be so glad they’re there. Plus, most people will find at least a few bonuses that are a great value for them, so that’s an additional perk on top of the products.

Do I Lose Access to the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit eventually?

You’ll have these eBooks forever, and access to the eCourses for an entire year, so there’s really no rush. As well, they created the Genius Blogging Essentials eCourse to take about 1-2 hours (if you choose to use it – it’s totally optional), and that will set you up to be able to focus in on the products that best meet your blog’s needs.

Isn’t all this information already out there for free?

While you can find some of this information from the various authors on their websites, in their podcasts, through their emails newsletters, and all the good stuff they offer for free, most content creators save their very best content for the products they sell (and understandably so).

For example, I was lucky enough to be selected to include my Automation Education course – something that I normally sell for $49.

Could you go through and piece together everything I have within my course? Maybe. But it would literally take you hundreds of hours and MANY trial-and-error attempts to put together the strategies within my course. And that’s only one course.

Still not sold?

Oh hey, did I mention that not only will you get access to an absolute gold mine of information, but it also comes with a 30-day guarantee. If for any reason, you don’t feel the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is right for you, simply email the Ultimate Bundles customer service team within 30 days for a full refund. How amazing is that?!

STILL not sold? Okay, how about if I told you that not only do you get access to all these goodies, but if you buy through my link, you’ll also get ANOTHER bonus — my Pintessential Planning e-course absolutely FREE!! That’s right — you’ll get everything in the bundle (again, that’s nearly $6,000 worth of products!) for LESS than it’d cost you to JUST buy my Pintessential Planning course.

Insane? Maybe. But you know you want it.

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  • Molly Stevens Reply

    You have some compelling arguments for parting with $97 to buy this bundle, Amber. Too bad I missed the sale.

    • thriftyguardian Reply

      It’s soooo good! You’ll have to ask Elena Peters about it – I convinced her to buy it and she claims she lost like 2 weeks of her life going through it (but it was worth it!) haha

      Stay tuned, they may have a flash sale early next year… 😉

  • Lauren Reply

    This sounds like an awesome deal! Seriously considering buying this as I’m a new blogger !

    • thriftyguardian Reply

      It’s SO worth it. I’ve gone back to a few courses (having now done them all) and they’re still useful. It’s an amazing resource to have!

      If you click through you can enter your email and be reminded about the flash sale (runs for 48 hours in a few days).

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