Mentorship Program


Does each day feel like a constant struggle to just “get by” as you tell yourself it’ll be better tomorrow?

Did you have a consistency plan in place for what to publish and when, only to realize you haven’t followed (or even looked at!) that plan in two months?

Are you ready to launch your next (or even first) product/service, but you’re scared to put the time in only to make zero in sales?

Stop sitting around and waiting for the right time. The time is NOW!

Put your knowledge into action and together we can develop an accountability partnership that leads to consistent upward momentum in your productivity, bank account, and overall sense of peace in your life.

Allow me to share with you my efficiency expertise and productive organizational structures. Let’s bust through your frustrations and get you to seeing MONEY-MAKING results fast!


Working with Amber totally turned my blog around. I went into it confused, stuck, directionless and discouraged and now I can’t believe the transformation. Within 1 week of working together, Amber helped me begin to sell something I was previously giving away for free and I have since seen consistent sales come in! I’ve also done my first webinar, and most importantly, I totally believe in my direction, myself and my business. I know exactly what my next 12 weeks look like, what I can expect, what I need to implement, and am confident I can do it all. I can’t recommend her enough and feel so blessed I found her to be my mentor. – Leah Gervais (




Blog Mentor Program

On our first call, we’ll spend 90 minutes evaluating your current schedule and business practices to then develop a new routine that allows you to strike that balance between work and play, without the guilt of leaving one to do the other.

From there, you’ll get:

  • 60-minute calls once a week (12 calls total)
  • Unlimited e-mail access to me (with a guaranteed response within 24 hours – even on the weekends!)
  • Personalized strategies e-mail to you after every call that outline your goals, your success thus far, and your plan of action for the following week
  • Supplementary worksheets to help you stay on task and develop life-long productivity habits
  • Someone who is ALWAYS AND FOREVER in your corner – there to cheer you on as you journey towards everlasting success.

(or 3 monthly payments of $547)

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By the end of our time together, you will know how to…

  • Say “no” to things that don’t support you in achieving your goals.
  • Block out time for high priority projects.
  • Build and maintain your digital presence across multiple social media platforms.
  • Get a good night’s sleep without stressing about things left undone.
  • Launch and promote your product/service without the fear of crickets chirping back at you.
  • Fit in self-care and exercise.
  • Refine and strengthen the routines and habits that consistently lead to positive growth.
  • Make time for vacations (even ones that involve no cell service! *gasp*)


Blog mentor, productivity coach, Amber TemerityI’ve spent the last couple of months frustrated by both my blog’s performance and lackluster business sales. Amber was able to give me straight-forward tips and strategies to improve not only the look and feel of my blog, but she provided immediate, actionable advice geared toward making improvements. She was friendly, direct, and even followed up our consultation with a summary of her recommendations for me to review again as needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her! – Trish Marmo (



blog mentor, productivity coach, amber temerity, amber berman, time management, business strategist, efficiency strategist

I’m a work-at-home mom with two toddlers – time management is LIFE for me.

Five months after I launched Thrifty Guardian, I was able to quit my office job to work from home full-time.

I’ve been nationally recognized for my work in organizational leadership by United Way Worldwide.

I have over seven years of experience in higher education and program management; I know how to share my expertise with others in an effective, powerful way (without seeming aggressive or in-your-face).

I served in AmeriCorps for two years and my fight against poverty continues to this day. This heavily relates to my business methods and ideology.

I was born to change the world for the better and I know you were, too.

Strategy session, amber temerity, amber berman