Looking to save money on baby clothes? What if I told you that you could eliminate “kids clothing” as a budget line completely? How much money would that free up for you each month? $20? $50? $100??

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When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I immediately started stocking up on two things: diapers and clothes. I went to every garage sale I could to find the best deals on clothes (never paying more than $1 per piece!) Now that my second child is nearly a year old, I’m happy to say I’ve found a way to never have to need “clothes for kids” in my budget.

The key to free clothes is that if you do have to pay for it, never pay more than you can resell it for.

With that said, here are some tips on how to get kids clothes (and even adult clothes!) for free or nearly so:

Free Kids Clothes – Shop at Home!

Swap.com – This is my new favorite site!! Not only can you buy clothes (for your whole family!) but they also have toys, games, and all sorts of baby gear – and all at a seriously low price. Plus when you sign up via my referral link, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on your first order. The best part, though, is that they will also buy these things from you! So if it’s too cold for a garage sale or you’re just tired of meeting up with people via local re-sale groups, THIS is an excellent option for you and so easy.

How To Get Children's Clothes For Free!

Schoola – another amazing site with great deals AND a great mission. This site donates 40% of all sales to a local school of your choice plus they’re constantly offering extra credits or promo codes. You’ll even get $20 towards your first purchase! I love this because you can also donate clothing to them to resell should you not have the energy/time/desire to do it yourself.

How To Get Children's Clothes For Free!

thredUP – By signing up through my referral link, you’ll receive a free $20! This site has some seriously cute clothing at rock bottom prices. Even if you don’t see anything you like (which I’m quite certain is impossible) you can still use that $20 to score some free clothing that you can then just re-sell!

Facebook – Check out your local Facebook resale groups! There are many times when someone is looking to make a quick buck and will often group clothes together to sell them quickly. Search for your county or city + resale and you’re bound to find numerous groups through which you can buy and sell kids clothes. Just make sure you purchase from a smoke-free home because gross!


Swap groups – Hosting a physical swap group can be fun if you have the time and the space for it. Short on either? Look online! There are lots of trading or freecycle groups through which you can swap clothes that your baby has outgrown for clothes that you currently need. Don’t have one in your area? Start one! 🙂

Craigslist – Check out the “free stuff” section on Craigslist. Again, make sure it’s a smoke-free home! Ebay is a similar option, but personally I’d rather pick up from someone in my area versus deal with the hassle of shipping. Totally up to you, though!

Free Children’s Clothes – Shopping in Stores

Thrift stores are always a great option because you never know what treasures you’ll find. Many have “deal days” that set deeper discounts on already low prices.

How to Find Kids Clothes for Free!

Buying new is always an option, provided you do it right. Shop at the end (or final quarter) of a season. Target often has amazing deals (and you can save even more if you have a RedCard linked to your checking account!) Buy ahead for the following year or pick up some items that you can then resell and use that money to purchase clothing your kids need now!

What’s your favorite way to save on clothes?



  • Affs Y Reply

    Great saving tips. The way I go about saving money is to never buy more than she needs. I was very fortunate to get so much clothes gifts and nappies (I started buying nappies when she was 4 months, and went proper shopping for her only when she was 6 months). I have joined facebook groups to buy items like high chairs and toys

    • Thrifty Guardian Reply

      I love Facebook groups!! Not only for buying, but for selling once we’re done with things. I wish they’d been more popular before I had my first child, would’ve saved us from buying so many things new. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  • kayliz241 Reply

    This is a great tip! I even shop at some using some of these suggestions and I find wonderful things and save money at the same time! 🙂

    • Thrifty Guardian Reply

      Awesome! I especially love Schoola – not just for my kids, but for me!

      • kayliz241 Reply

        I don’t think I’ve ever been to Schoola!

  • Randi Reply

    Thanks so much for listing my article! You have some great ideas on here, I never even heard of Yerdle or Schoola. There’s so many ways to save money or get kids clothes free. I can’t believe I wasted so much money when I first became a new mama lol. I’d love it if you shared this on my linkup this week! Sending blessings and love:)

    • Thrifty Guardian Reply

      Where is your linkup? I’d love to share! Schoola and Yerdle are both awesome – not just for my kids, but for me! I’ve found a lot of great blouses on Schoola, some with the tags still on!

  • garym6059 Reply

    How come I didn’t hear of this until my kid was already 8 years old! Thanks for the tips I’ll pass them along to Miss Madison :).

    • Thrifty Guardian Reply

      So much has changed in just the last couple years as far as finding deals online! Yerdle and Schoola are probably my favorites, but that’s because I can find great deals for myself, too 😉

  • Jennileigh Reply

    Great Ideas! I try to help buy clothes for my nephews, and as they grow, so do the prices!

    • Thrifty Guardian Reply

      That’s very generous of you! I hope some of these sites help you out, I’ve even found many items that still have their tags on!

  • Smiling Notes Reply

    These are some really great points! Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

    • Thrifty Guardian Reply

      You are quite welcome! I hope you’ll take advantage of some of them 🙂 Schoola is especially great for women, with or without children!

  • Erin Reply

    These are great Amber. I love for the kids to look nice but feel that it is such a waste of money to buy things full price! I have used the Facebook groups before and the late season sales for the kiddos through stores. I think I am going to try thred up next through your link.

    • Thrifty Guardian Reply

      Awesome, I hope it works out for you! I have the most success with Facebook groups but I have definitely found a lot of treasures through these online sites, many with the tags still on! Pretty sure my daughter is set for the next two years.

  • Motherly Adventures (@MotherlyA) Reply

    Wow – never heard of any of these online stores! I actually didn’t buy much clothes because of all the gifts I received but now she’s 8 months and I’m running out!!

    • Thrifty Guardian Reply

      Yerdle and Schoola are especially awesome because you get free shipping with your first item(s) plus the credit! Check ’em out and let me know what you think! 🙂

  • angrivatedmom Reply

    I use a few of these plus I’ve befriended employees of several national chain stores who use their discounts for me and I haven’t spent more than $500 on kids clothes in the past six years! Now I have a few new ideas to add to the mix, thanks!

    • Thrifty Guardian Reply

      That’s awesome!! I’m glad I could help add to your savings 🙂

  • Silly Mummy Reply

    These are such good ideas. This is the sort of thing I’m really useless at – I tend to be a bit to lazy to do the bargain hunting! But I do favour the supermarkets for kids’ clothes – ours have really nice, affordable ranges. They’re a great price anyway, and really cheap if you look in the sales. It’s much more practical than expensive clothes for young kids as they outgrow & ruin them so quickly!

  • Sue Reply

    Great tips. Children grow so fast and only wear some items a couple of times which is a waste of money.

  • Carol Cassara Reply

    Those are some excellent resources that any parent would appreciate. Sharing so others can beneft.

  • Molly Stevens Reply

    I’m an indulgent grandmother and do buy Hanna Andersson clothing on sale or at full price because of the quality and cuteness factor. I have two grandsons and it hard to find unique and adorable boy’s clothing. I also shop at a local thrift shop and have found some great buys there, along with toys and books. I’m going to check out your links too as they look great.

    • Anna R Palmer Reply

      Agreed about boy’s clothes being harder to find/fall in love with. The silver lining is that we CAN save because there is little tempting us to splurge.

  • Terri Webster Schrandt Reply

    I had a surprise pregnancy at age 24 (married, but no med insurance). I hit the thrift store every week for both maternity and baby clothes and supplies. I bought diapers at Toys R Us really cheap. When the kids got older, I got hand-me-downs from people at church! Your tips are really great!

  • Flossie Reply

    These are great tips! I only buy a very few things new for my kids (usually bathing suits, at the end of the season on clearance) – otherwise, I score new clothes for them (and sell their old ones) at the four children’s consignment sales in which I participate each year. You’re absolutely right, it’s totally doable to score clothes for practically nothing IF you plan carefully!

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